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The name is Demi and I'm 22 years old. To clear up future confusion, yes, I am a girl.


In Anchorage, Alaska this is a serious concern.


I spent too much time,
looking up in the sky;
my head in the clouds,
or looking down at my feet,
when I should have been
looking straight ahead—
with my head held high…

— when you begin to accept and become comfortable in your own skin


My sex life in a nutshell
Thirty-six or Sixteen


It started simply, a goodnight kiss. Your lips met mine and we began tentatively, tenderly. There was heat between us despite the cold wind. The tenderness soon disappeared, replaced by the hunger of roaming hands and dueling tongues.

Your hand went to my nape as a sigh escaped, then your hand…

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|| Castle Crashers ||

Dear Friends and fellow bloggers,
I’m on a mission to save kids and I need your help. My local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few.You can help by clicking here: Support Me
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